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All The Top High Protection Cell Phone Housings Cases & Phone Covers 360o Protection of 2018

All The Top High Protection Cell Phone Housings Cases & Phone Covers of 2017

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Recently we have research about the topic to find the best Protection Cell Phone Cases for the latest models of androids and iPhones and mention them on the Website. You will see the most Protective and conventional Housings to following models Samsung S7 and S7 edge, iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The rare cases are made from metal, PVC and silicone designed to protect the cell-Phones from the dust, water, drops etc.

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To protect your iPhone 360o and in other words to have a complete protection, you need a phone cover that looks like a Phone housing. There are various technologies out there that can help you protect your phone from any kinds of drops and water. But keep in mind that are not all the cases perfect to encounter with any awkward condition.

 This is the Gundam II For iPhone 7-8-X and or Samsung series models Plus Created by R-Just

iphone x 360 housing 2018

Specs: Waterproof, Dustproof and Shake proof case well designed for iPhone 7S & iPhone 7S plus. This case comes with a pure stainless steel material and PVC-Silicone mixed to make the phone Waterproof and Sake proof.


The R-Just Waterproof Housings for iPhone 7-8-X and or Samsung series models Plus. Bones of PVC

  waterproof case for iphone x and s8

Specs: Gear from R-Just. 360o Protection for iPhone 7-8-X and or Samsung series models Plus. It contains hard pvc and silicone that delivers the high durability for water resistance, Dustproof for lasting the life of your cell-phone and air edges technology that makes the extreme fragile s7 models Shockproof. All the edges of the housing are well designed to protect your phone from drops on the floor, the air edge technology.


 Case with lenses by R-Just 2018 iphone x s8 nsamsung


  1. Super Protection and a new feature got in the house. The R-Just housing with a wide eagle macro lenses is now available. Both For the iPhone 7-8-X and or Samsung series models Plus


Specs: For anyone that loves the outdoor or the wild cell-phone experience and sports with a light waterproof photo shooting. Then the R-Just case is just the right choice for you. The Factory have designed the Wide eagle macro lenses that comes with the housing. Beware this housing is not fully water resistance but it can be a waterproof case to protect your phone from water when it falls on the cell phone device. But when we are talking about the iPhone 7-8-X and or Samsung series models/Plus or Edge then we have a full water resistance set completion.




  1. The “Love Mei” Case. Now available for The Sony iPhone all models and or Samsung S series models edge or Plus. The Sweet name that can save your cell-phone because you love it.

Specs: It is all functions in one housing. One of the craziest housings in the market. It is molted by high quality PVC 360 enclosed that makes your phone water resistance for sure. There are some videos out there for this housing that testing the water resistance of this super protective phone case. The main reason that we recommend this housing is because it offers all the functions of protection when it comes to scratches, hard usage, sports and under water situations.

 waterproof case for s8 iphone 2018


Final Idea and where you can buy all the incredible cell-phone housings

Every day we read news and technology and we can discover something new. Such as air edges technology the “dual back and frond covers”. But these are the extra protection options and very collective once. In our Website we offer all the models and especially all the updated versions of any new cell-phone model. Here is where you can go and find all these amazing phone housings. Do not hesitate to ask anything you like using our “Contact Us” page and our support will be pleased to help you with an order or a question that you may have.